2017-2018 Bloomington Campus Enrollment Interest Form-A

Bloomington Campus Enrollment Interest Form 2017-2018

Seven Hills Preparatory Academy is made up of two school locations:

 * Bloomington Campus (consisting of K-5)

 * Richfield Campus (consisting of Elementary K-2 and Middle School 6-8) 


This Enrollment Interest Form is only valid for our Bloomington Campus grades K - 5.


In accordance with the Federal Charter Schools Program grant guidelines, enrollment preference cannot cross school sites.  As a result of the grant guidelines, completely separate enrollment processes including lotteries, preferences, and wait lists will be conducted and maintained for each campus.  You have the option to apply to both programs which would require you to fill out separate applications.   


Student Information

MN Law and SHPA require all students to be 5 years of age by September 1 of their Kindergarten year. Will this student be 5 years of age by September 1, 2017?



Student First Name
Student Last Name
Primary Address
Zip Code

Email will be our primary source of communication


Parent/Guardian Information #1

First Name
Last Name

Parent/Guardian Information #2

First Name
Last Name



Grade Information: Bloomington Campus Only

Please select Student Grade for 2017-2018 school year


Please be careful to select the correct grade, incomplete or inaccurate information may delay or remove your child from our lottery.  SHPA is not responsible for errors on the applications. 


Family/Staff Preference

Does this applicant have any siblings CURRENTLY enrolled at SHPA to qualify for family preference?



Does this applicant have other NON-Enrolled siblings also applying for enrollment?



Siblings eligible for preference are understood as children who genetically or legally share a common parent or guardian (including foster children).  Cousins and friends do NOT qualify for family preference.  Applicants understand that providing inaccurate information in connection with the application to Seven Hills Preparatory Academy disqualifies the applicant from enrolling.


Due to sibling enrollment preference required by Minn. Stat. 124.D10 Subd. 9, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy asks that you identify siblings who are currently enrolled at Seven Hills Preparatory Academy.


If you answered "Yes" to either of the above questions about siblings, please provide the name of the sibling and grade for 2017-2018 school year.


Name of Sibling and Grade 2017-18
Name of Sibling and Grade 2017-18
Name of Sibling and Grade 2017-18
Name of Sibling and Grade 2017-18


Does this applicant have a parent or guardian that works at SHPA? If so, please provide name of employee:



How did you hear about SHPA?

If you selected Advertisement, Flyer, or Postcard could you specifiy what city or advertisement? Thank you!


Please visit our school website for information pertaining to our Enrollment Policies, Procedures, Timelines, and school visits.  http://www.sevenhillspreparatoryacademy.org/prospective-families/admissions/


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